Chapter One Hundred Sixty Three



We have just had a wonderful couple of days with visitors from DC.  There was a trip to Amish country in Ohio and the ladies had a project to do when they got home.  I didn't go along but certainly heard all about it from those who did.















The first morning Hitty-Esther, Hitty-Calamity, Hitty Colleen, Becca and Esther took off for the three hour drive to Kidron, Ohio.  Upon reaching the area,  they shared the road with Amish buggies.


































Lunch was the first order of business when they arrived and as you can see by this picture, the apple crisp dessert was not served in small portions!




































Next was the fabric store which was first on the list of stops.  Those ladies can spend an enormous amount of time picking and choosing.  I think Hitty-Esther and Hitty Colleen thought they would never finish!  There was just one perfect piece after another they just had to have.



















I was surprised that the group got home in time for dinner and that evening they started their project.  I guess Lehman's hardware store and thrift shop that were on their list of stops did not take as much time as they had thought.
















Sometime ago Becca had gotten them each Gail Wilson kits to make the tiny peg wooden doll, bed and chair so they were determined that this visit they would do the project from beginning to end.





































I am not sure how much the Hittys could help but I do know Hitty Colleen knew just which parts were to become hers!































The next morning found the ladies hard at work.   I could hear them commenting from time to time that this project took much more time than they had planned.   The original plan for the visit was to get some sewing done but that was abandoned.  















After an evening and an entire day, the project was completed and all were quite pleased.   I heard them say there were flaws but we Hittys certainly could not find them.


























The visitors left for home this morning and Esther has turned the display room into an exhibit using all her Hitty books, Friends of Hitty newsletters, Hitty background stories and copies of my journal for a group of Writer's Club visitors tomorrow morning.   We Hittys are looking forward to being the center of attention!










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