Chapter One Hundred Sixty Five



It is that time of year when we think of planting gardens and making our yards more attractive.   This year Hitty Colleen had spent hours reading seed books, lawn lay-outs etc.   She was determined to have a small flower garden.





Esther took us to a nursery and she purchased flowers Hitty Colleen thought would make a nice border to the side of the yard.  Before she could get everything organized and dressed for the occasion HittyBelle and Michael went out ahead.   Much to my surprise, HittyPat found a dandelion right in the middle of the yard. This is the season where they are everywhere.   Michael was going to water it as he did not know it was a weed and would not be allowed to stay.






















Hitty Carol decided to help but was soon told by Becassine and Hitty Colleen that she was overdressed for working in the dirt.
































Work finally began in earnest with Hitty Colleen supervising every step.    She wanted all of us to know this was her project.
































She asked if I approved of the area she had chosen and it seemed just fine to me.   When she will finish, I am not sure but I am pleased she is getting so much enjoyment out of the project.





























Inside the house, Hitty Catherine was just as excited about the new piece of Bubbenmoyer furniture that had arrived.   She called us all in to see it.   With so many drawers, I am sure Becassine will be glad to see fewer items lying around.


















I hope everyone is finally able to enjoy beautiful weather.   It has been a long hard winter and warm sunshine is quite welcome.




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