Chapter One Hundred Sixty Seven




My thoughts are turning to how many Hitty descendants there are in the world.  There must be hundreds, maybe even thousands!  What I do know is that our Hitty family keeps growing.   Just when I think we have settled down and each has assumed her role, another arrives.   Becassine has just given up and  accepted that this is the way of life.




Just this week, Hitty Pilar arrived from Argentina. She is now the third Hitty from that country that has come to live here,   Hitty Liza, Hitty Sabrina and now Hitty Pilar.   About the only difference I can see is they insist on wearing pearls instead of corals.   Hitty Liza, who arrived as a student says she likes them to be set apart just a bit.   Hitty Pilar had many questions about her new family and so Hitty Carol took it upon herself to tell of this family's beginning.   She explained how I was the first Hitty and that Esther had insisted I was to be an only child.   We all know that only lasted five months when HittyBelle arrived.  The following year Hitty Carol joined us and we were a family of just three for a year or so.   It is now close to nine years that I came to live here and none of us keep track anymore.
















I called my sisters to come meet Hitty Pilar and they quickly joined us.  Hitty Liza made the introductions. Becassine commented on how young she was and asked about her travels.   She had quite a tale to tell!  It seems the package in which she traveled had been lost for weeks and the journey took a total of seven weeks!   Hitty Liza and Hitty Sabrina both had arrived in a much more timely manner.  Esther knew she was long overdue and was quite concerned.  Where her travels took her, we will never know.
























Some of the others quickly came to meet her.  She went around the room greeting each one. Meanwhile Hitty Sabrina told Hitty Colleen about how  different her travel experience had been.


























Michael and the little Hittys in the family were too deeply engaged with their new toy to pay any attention to a new arrival.    They were putting together tiny Nanoblocks.   Michael showed them how they went together but wasn't too clear about what he was building.   All the Hittys were fascinated and promised to come back and see his finished project.

















How big this Hitty family will ever become is impossible to determine.   Esther keeps saying she is quite content and we are all very happy living here but sometimes when a Hitty appears, the little face tugs at her heart  and the family grows again.  Below are close up pictures of the Argentina Hittys to make it easier to tell who is who.  They are in order:  Hitty Liza, Hitty Sabrina and Hitty Pilar.










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