Chapter One Hundred Sixty Nine



Saturdays in the summer are yard sale days in Zelienople.   There are usually several to be found.  We decided to check out the one a couple blocks from our home and sure enough, we found some treasures.








Hitty Sabrina and Hitty Pilar had never been to a yard sale so the whole experience was quite new to them.  Both were fascinated.  We told them the expression most used about  yard sales was, "One person's junk is another person's treasure".


























Several of us looked closely at a red trunk trimmed in brass but Hitty Colleen was the one determined to buy it.   She put it high on the list of things she wanted to take home.

































Michael had been reluctant to go with us but soon discovered items of interest to him.   He couldn't imagine why such wonderful little cars were put out for sale!




































The table I thought most interesting was the one with a small pile of books.   HittyBelle was delighted to find several about Impressionist art which is one of her favorite topics and I found one about old quilts and several on plants, herbs and the like.
































Hitty Catherine was  interested in the Disney toys at the other end of the table.   She never did choose one she wanted so left them for someone else.


































We could hardly wait to get home and show Becassine our treasures.  I think she was more impressed that everything was a bargain.




























Hitty Sabrina was intrigued by the Scrabble game and after I explained how it was played, she was anxious to try her skill.   I always find it interesting that people from other lands are so fluent with two languages and many of us growing up in this country are not.  Esther said that when she and Russ used to travel to Europe, she got along just fine knowing how to say good morning, please, and thank you in the language of the particular county and a smile!   A smile is universal!

















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