Chapter One Hundred Seventy Two



There seems to be something happening at our house all the time.  At times I just can not keep up with my sisters!   HittyBelle and Hitty Colleen are the most active and they never cease to amaze me.  When the mail comes each day, they are the first to see if there is anything exciting for them to get into. 






The other day was a perfect example.    A surprise package arrived and it contained a safe.   A real safe with a combination and just our size!   It was a  gift from a friend in Virginia and we had no advance notice. We all got excited but Hitty Colleen took charge.   She said that if it was to be used for savings, only one of us should have the combination and of course, it should be her.   Michael was not pleased.   It was a bit large for him but boys think 'big' and just know they can handle anything.

























After careful thought we decided it would be the best place for the toy gun that is part of a western outfit we are planning to take to the Hitty Gathering in Texas.   We understand if there are guns in one's home, they should be keep in a very safe place and we think this safe will be just right for ours even if it is not a real gun.  I personally will be interested to see just how much money my sisters will be able to save up.  































The very next day another package that we had ordered arrived and it was roller skates!   HittyBelle was the first to reach the package and was sure they had been ordered just for her.































HittyBelle could hardly wait to take them outside and try them out as Hitty Colleen waited anxiously for her turn.  Becassine came out just to check and make sure HittyBelle was wearing the knee pads!






































HittyBelle kept skating and skating and showed no signs of letting others have a turn.   She used every excuse she could think of not to share. Becassine tried to intervene but had no success.   The rest of us just had to be patient.




















As of this writing, she still refuses to take them off and share so we will have to enlist Esther's help.    She loves us all and I am sure will take care of the situation.










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