Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four



Finally it is time to get dressed and ready to go to the Texas Hitty Gathering!   It has been such a long wait and we are all so anxious to be on our way.   Esther has made western type clothes and said it was now time for each to choose, get dressed and help her with gifts etc.  





We had seen most of the dresses earlier and each of us had a favorite but now we actually would get to wear them!  






























Oh oh,  one of us hung back.   Hitty Carol just hasn't been herself lately and Becassine took her aside.   Sure enough, she had a fever and just didn't feel well in general.  The decision was made to leave her at home.  Bless her heart, she has been a good sport about it.  I am sorry to say, the rest of us just didn't give her too much sympathy.




























Hitty Colleen has had her eye on a particular dress for the last several months and headed directly to take it off the rack.





































I too knew which of the dresses I wanted to wear, it was a  gift from a friend. I  then asked Esther to bring the mirror from the bedroom so we could see how we looked in our western finery.  


































We had so much fun trying on different dresses and choosing which looked the best on us.   We even got to pick out a cowboy hat. 



























At last we all had what we wanted.   Hitty Colleen, of course, insisted hers was the very best and she thought she looked spectacular as a cowgirl!































Next it was time to help package the  gifts for various exchanges.   Hitty events are almost like Christmas with all the goodies and gifts. 

























I know it is still several days before we leave but it feels so good to be ready.   We can watch Esther pack her suitcase, print out the boarding pass and then we will be off.  














So if all goes well, we will see many of you in Texas!


















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