Chapter One Hundred Seventy Five



We are back home and the event of the year is over.  The Texas Hitty Gathering was so very exciting!   I hardly know where to begin to tell you all about it.   I will try to cover some of the personal things we did and then help Esther make a little book about the event.






No one slept the night before we went to the airport but we were running on adrenaline and didn't seem to mind.   Everything was smooth flying and we arrived at the Crockett Hotel, in San Antonio in fine shape. 





























We unpacked and went to find our Hitty friends.  Some had gotten there many days before us and were carving and some had already arrived, perhaps by covered wagon.
























Hitty Colleen insisted that first on the agenda was to see the Alamo.   We hurried across the street and were lucky to find a quick chance to take just her picture as we were not the only group in town.

























That evening was spent visiting from group to group and we found it wonderful to again see the friends we had made at other Gatherings and meet new ones. Many times I heard Esther and others say how delighted they were to have faces to go with names.













Friday morning was the official start.   We registered,  collected our goodie bag and set up to help people make their little vests that were in the bag.   There were other helper tables for crafts and some wonderful shopping opportunities.   Hitty Jean and Hitty Sabrina stayed close by to watch the action.






























That afternoon was one of the highlight events.  We donned our life vests (we didn't know what to expect) and set off for a boat ride down the river.   Everyone met at the Rivercenter, boarded two boats and for the next hour we cruised the beautiful Riverwalk.  Hitty Helen couldn't stop waving at all the people enjoying their afternoon at the various sidewalk cafes.

























That evening we enjoyed a Mexican dinner at La Margarita Restaurant,  La Piņata room.  Two trolleys took us to the event and Ninashteen from California dressed special for the occasion.





















Saturday morning was the "Ask the Carvers" panel and most interesting.   We Hittys listened intently as the carvers that carved us explained how they got started in their careers.  It was akin to listening to one's roots. 











Immediately after the carving program we all went over to the Alamo for the official photo session.  First all the Hitty Moms had a group picture taken.  Next it was our turn and it was a thrill to see so many Hittys in one picture! This picture really only shows one per family so can you imagine just how many of us there really were attending.


















After lunch we met again back at the hotel for the Hitty Helper drawings.  I have never seen so many Helpers at any one event!   Everyone was excited and kept their fingers crossed hoping their name would be called.   Some were very lucky and got exactly the one they most wanted. There was one lucky lady who got 10!



















The highlight of the whole Gathering was a banquet in Alamo Hall.  This was very special and not many are privileged to have such an opportunity.  Such excitement as we Hittys checked out the centerpiece on our table.






















We were welcomed by Eileen and Josie and after a delicious buffet dinner the Daughters of the Republic of Texas were introduced followed by remarks by the Chairman of the Alamo Committee.   We even were introduced to the great, great, great granddaughter of Davy Crockett!  Next was a delightful slide program by Judy Brown and the drawing for the pieces of the centerpiece.























Then the big event - the presentation of the souvenir Hitty!   Each Hitty was carved by Connie Hardt .  Here she is in all her glory! 




























After what seemed like a very short night's sleep, the Moms met again for the Sittin' & Knittin' with Jane, Quilting with Billie and the fabric swap.  I will let you in on a faux pas by Esther.   She discovered the 'peanuts' she had taken to trade still in her luggage when we returned home! 


















This was our last full day in San Antonio so it was on to make the most of it.  Lunch with more friends, and visiting with a group of Moms here and there.  One such group thought the picture in our room was a great Texas scene and out came the cameras again.


























Our  final dinner was with a group at the Menger Hotel across the street.  I understand that is the oldest hotel in our country.   We couldn't resist the clock in the lobby and some of the Hittys insisted on having their picture taken with it.



























As we said our last goodnights we took one final picture.   Now I know this isn't the 'whole' horse but I think you readers will get the idea.  Esther does not like publishing pictures of the Moms so this is all you get!

















To close this chapter, I want to personally thank Eileen and Josie for a superb event!  We appreciate all the effort and work that you have done.   Also, I want to add a thank you to all the Texas ladies that helped them and a thank you for all the wonderful items in the goodie bag.



The Robertson Hittys and Esther had a fantastic time in San Antonio!










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