Chapter One Hundred Eighty-One


Maybe I should call this time the 'Baby House Era' since it is all Esther and a few of our Hitty friends seem to have on their minds.   Every day a new development- either a package arrives, another friend joins the group or Esther gets all excited about having completed another little kit.





We Hittys got excited too when the object of all this fuss arrived.  Esther explained that a Dutch Baby House is a secretary- a writing desk with a top section for books. Instead of books, the shelves are made into little rooms with tiny furniture.  In earlier times it provided a safe place for collections of miniature pieces for collectors.   Current times, many people put their miniature treasures into a  dollhouse. 





















Hitty Colleen and Hitty Carol opened the doors and the desk.   They were trying to imagine just how does one decorate! Many decisions had to be made.  What rooms, what style and what kind of furniture - metal or wood.




























Finally the decision was made to go with kits of tiny wood furniture.  There were a lot of kits from which to choose and when the first arrived we were under way.  We watched Esther carefully cut out each piece.   There were some really tense moments but the kits were  precise,  had good instructions and were well worth the effort.































As each piece was finished it was carefully placed on the table and we would ooh and aah and get very excited.  It is hard for us to believe just how small 120th scale really is!































Choosing wallpaper is very important.   We Hittys were so happy to be involved even if Esther had to do all the work.  There are some tasks little wooden hands are just not capable of performing so we know when to just watch.





























When the last package of kits arrived, we could hardly take it all in.   There were a couple of kits but also, two of the tiniest plants I have ever seen!  One was a tiny fern for on a table and the other a floor size rubber plant.     Even Esther did not attempt these and had them made.   Becassine found them unbelievable!


























After many, many hours  of work she finally glued in one room! She told us it was  a bit nerve- wracking to put something in permanently.   One has to be very sure.   We Hittys have done our best to give her moral support as the others in this project have also done.  At last count there were seven ladies doing the same thing!  Like I said earlier, the 'Baby House Era' is here!
















Hopefully I will be able to show you the finished project in my next chapter and then we will have a wonderful dollhouse just for us.




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