Chapter One Hundred Eighty-Two





There was almost a disaster! Esther had taken a break and we Hittys were busy in our rooms when I heard little voices that sounded too excited for ordinary playing.   Becassine and Hitty Colleen heard it too and headed for the workbench.








Thank goodness they moved quickly!   All the little ones had left the play room and were about to look much too closely  at all the tiny furniture pieces that were waiting to be put into the Baby House.  I know they did mean mean any harm but these tiny pieces are quite delicate and only to be handled with care.   We older Hittys do not even hold them, we just admire and let Esther do the rest.



























HittyBelle and Hitty Carol checked the finished rooms to make sure all was well.  The den and one of the bedrooms had just been finished that morning so they were pleased that all was in order.   All the furniture in the boxes was checked and nothing was damaged.
































We knew this was not the end of their interest so we brought the Van Courtlandt dollhouse to the workbench to let them know they really had not been forgotten.  This dollhouse had been in the parlor for quite some time but no interest was ever shown because it had no furniture until recently when there was much gathering of information and supplies for the Baby House. 





























The little ones were delighted!   They did as much oohing and aahing as we had done about getting our Baby House.   I explained that the Van Courtlandt was the miniature of one of the first dollhouses in America.   It dates back to 1774 when the Van Courtlandt family in New York had a dollhouse made for their two little girls. It was identical on both sides.   The center wall had slats so the girls could see each other as they played. 




























Little Antonia turned it around to show that both sides were the same but furnished with different pieces.  






































The time passed quietly as the little one discovered everything about their new-found toy.  All the furniture was metal so no need to be concerned as to how it was handled. They moved pieces here and there and were totally absorbed.



































Our Baby House has been completely furnished.  It has taken Esther over four weeks.

Her role now will be to offer support for others in the group of friends who are also working on Baby Houses.  Hitty Colleen loves to show ours off to visitors.





































Since the furnishings are so tiny, I have included this last picture of a view of our finished Dutch Baby House to give  readers a closer look!
























It has been a fun project and we Hittys have enjoyed watching every stage.   One word of advice that I am sure Esther would give - don't sneeze while trying to pick up a little piece with the tweezers - it can get lost for over an hour!









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