Chapter One Hundred Eighty Three



On some of these long winter days Esther brings our toys to her workbench so she can enjoy watching us play while she works.  I too enjoy watching all the activity.








One particular day Michael was intent on building a garage with Lincoln logs for his tractor but kept getting discouraged.   Each time he thought he had it high enough, it was too short. 






























Some of us wanted to sort the beautiful sea shells that had arrived in the mail.   Having given up on building a garage, Michael joined his sisters.
































Sorting shells just wasn't exactly entertainment for him  so he got out his stick horse.   Sometimes long winter days make a little boy restless and nothing pleases him.































Within the past few days, many little boxes have arrived and we delight in opening each one.   One tiny little box contained  an adorable little Scottie dog pin. Of  course, Hitty Colleen claimed it as hers! 






























Keeping up with the various holidays sometimes feels like a full time job!  With guests coming and going we did finally find time to make a few Valentines.






















Hitty Carol reminded us that February has two holidays.  Valentine's Day is easily remembered and celebrated on the 14th.   The other holiday, Washington's Birthday is celebrated the third Monday of the month.   It is also referred to as Presidents' Day.  Hmmm,  I wonder if my sisters know who the other president was that had a February birthday?  I will have to ask.







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