Chapter One Hundred Ten













Just as dawn was breaking on this election day, Becassine was enjoying her morning cup of coffee when she was startled by a visitor in the back yard!





















She called to us to come quickly and quietly.   Hitty Carol and Hitty Colleen were the closest to the kitchen and came to look.  The deer had moved only slightly and seemed to be as interested in  what was going on inside the kitchen as they were in it.  Becassine  explained that deer are seen more frequently in towns than years before since the suburbs have been expanding into previously wooded areas, thus bringing the deer in closer in search of food.

















In just a few minutes the deer had disappeared so when some of the others had reached the kitchen, they were too late to see it.  Hitty Colleen was delighted to explain just how exciting it had been!
















I missed the excitement in the kitchen as I had been watching the television to catch up on the latest polls of who was ahead in the election.   All that I could gather was that people were lined up at the voting places and the TV people would stop various voters to ask for whom did they vote.  Some of those interviewed going into the polls probably were not going to make up their mind until they got in the voting booth! 













We kept the TV on all day and I explained to my sisters as much as I could about the various candidates.   The most important race, of course, is the one for president and vice-president.  There are other local races also and some of those are going to be quite close.














Russell and Esther went to vote about mid morning.   They thought that would be the best time  to avoid having to stand in line.  Heavy turnout was expected all over the country.  That is good, getting to vote is a privilege and I think everyone should take advantage of it.













The day dragged on for us but I am sure it went even slower for  all the people running for office.




















Finally the first returns started coming in and some of us gathered in front of the TV.   The announcers kept talking about red states, blue states and projections.   All of this was hard to understand especially when they would 'call a state' for a given candidate with only a small percentage of the vote counted.   The world of computers has certainly changed the reporting of votes.  It has  made the results available so quickly.   We Hittys will stay up with Esther and watch and wait to hear the outcome.   It is exciting!    Also, it is a relief to have it over!  




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