Chapter One Hundred Twelve


Our wonderful Christmas is over and we can now get back to normal lives.   Even though it is a clear sunny day, it is too cold to play outside.  Esther suggested that we go to the basement and play with the things we usually reserve for outdoors.  She said that was what her children did when they were growing up.   Riding tricycles, playing hop-scotch, tossing a ball etc really isn't  suited for the main part of the house.










Our basement is very typical with only part of it being 'finished' so to speak. The finished  part is where our rooms are located and we share that space with Twin Manor and Esther's art rooms.  The other half is completely unfinished except for a painted floor.  That is the part she suggested we pretend was like the outdoors.

















We got all the toys we could find  and laid the hop-scotch carpet on the floor.   Becassine  reminded us that when we were through playing we would have to put everything back in place.




























While Hitty Colleen was thinking of playing with the jump rope, Hitty Lara showed her how she had used our highchair from our younger days to feed her teddy bear. 

























After Hitty Colleen played with the jump rope,  we watched her play hop-scotch.  HittyBelle jumped rope and Hitty Carol was actually fairly good with the hula-hoop! I tried it but it didn't work out too well for me so I did some catching up on writing on my computer while Hitty Ann played games on hers.























When HittyBelle got on the scooter, Hitty Lara was teasing her as she discovered she had not even taken it off the stand!


























We were all impressed when Hitty Lara showed off her skill at skate boarding.  She really surprised me as it is usually Hitty Colleen that is good at sport like things.  I wonder how well she will do when she tries it on an area not completely flat!



























After we had played what seemed  like hours  before Becassine brought us a treat!   She knows just what will please us.   Pizza!!!




















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