Chapter One Hundred Nineteen


Our visitors are gone and we miss them already!   Oh such fun we had for several days.   We Hittys were the main attraction and we reveled in it!  The Hillbilly Hittys from North Carolina were here and it was non-stop Hitty playing.












First thing when everyone got unpacked was the meeting of the two Becassines.   They spent a lot of time comparing  notes about their lives with households of Hittys. 























The Becassines chatted, drank lots of tea and exchanged recipes.   They spent most of their time in the kitchen.  They had much in common and it was good to see them enjoy each other's company.

























One of the reasons for the visit was to have Hitty Carol and Hitty Delilah get a chance to rehearse their routine for a Scottish Festival.   To provide a setting for inspiration we took them to a local castle.  Well, it really just looks likes a castle.   It is a local restaurant built and decorated like one.





















They both agreed playing bagpipes was very tiring, especially for their size. The huge rocks around the castle provided a wonderful place for them to rest.
















Later  we spent hours trying on each others' dresses.  We have many alike so I guess Kimberly and Esther have very similar tastes.   If there had been more time, we could have had a fashion show.    Visits are always too short!










Late in the afternoon, HittyBelle went into the kitchen to make some tea.   She received an extra amount of help with both Becassines  making sure she did it correctly!

























Our last morning together Hitty Olivia and Hitty Colleen decided to make waffles.  They too received a lot of supervision!   Those two Hittys became quite close friends and what one didn't think of to do the other one did.  
















I wish there had been more pictures taken so I could do better at telling about the visit but our ladies did more talking and playing than taking pictures.   It was a whirlwind visit.  The Hitty community stays connected through the Internet so it is a special treat when any of them can get together in person.



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