Chapter One Hundred Thirty Six



The holidays have come to an end!   The 'hustle and bustle' is over and it is time to get back to our regular routine.  I do hope, however, that there will be some adventures in the coming year. 








The week-end after New Year's found us putting all the Christmas decorations back in storage.  Some went into large boxes that Esther put in the cupboard.  Some of the smaller items we packed ourselves and put on the basement shelves.




















There are so many little items that one can easily be missed.  Hitty Catherine discovered the nutcracker had not made it into the box and called it to Hitty Colleen's attention.
























After all the decorations were stored away, we had time to enjoy the gifts we received.  The new sock monkey thrilled Michael the most.   I know it was meant for all of us but he is laying claim to it.  The monkey is as big as Michael!




















Michael picked up the monkey and started across the room just as Tasha came in.  She was taken aback and started barking.  I don't think she realized it was just a toy and not real.  Hitty Colleen quickly went to help the situation.































After awhile, Michael left the monkey on the floor and moved on to another interest.   I watched as Tasha circled it, sat watching it from a distance and finally, decided it was not a threat.   The last time I looked, Tasha  was sound asleep and obviously, had made friends with the monkey.










We Robertson Hittys look forward to the coming year and wonder what adventures may be ahead.  






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