Chapter One Hundred Forty





Will this winter never pass?  We are so very tired of snow and cold.   The days seem to be getting longer rather than shorter.  We are warm and well cared for but long for something exciting to occur, someone to visit or an activity.  I know February is the shortest month but this year it seemed to go on forever.  We spend our days in the parlor with a warm fire and dream of spring!



















We finally did have a 'bright spot'.  A friend had visited Florida and sent us a present.   We couldn't imagine what was in the box but so pleased when it turned out to be fresh grapefruit and oranges!  We had heard that this extreme cold weather had affected the crops in Florida but these were perfect and so welcome.  

























Several weeks passed and then the creative juices started flowing again.   Esther came up with a building project and called a contractor.   He will move the big shelves in the basement and add workbench space for her.  She is delighted!   As we were moving small items out of the way, we found a pile of wood.  I do believe it is earmarked for a project later this spring for us.



















Since there is to be a reorganization of our things, she bought plastic boxes and Becassine immediately started putting things into them.   She is so relieved.  She has been saying for a long time that it was hard to keep track of so many little items.   I do believe this was a suggestion from one of Esther's friends!  I am not sure Michael understands but he will as soon as Becassine closes the box on 'his' sock monkey!  



























As I close this chapter our thoughts keep turning more and more to spring.   I am sure it will come eventually. The first thing on most Hitty's minds are spring dresses.  Hmmmmm, pink, yellow, blue or white?   I think we will tell Esther - all of them!



















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