Chapter One Hundred Forty Two



How one starts to explain what has been  happening, I am not sure.  The past several weeks have been full of change.   Esther's workbench area has been expanded and she now seems to think she has room for anything she wants.  Actually, it is we Hittys that 'want' things and she is our enabler.  Most of her time has been taken with a building project but we will address that in a future chapter.


This week, boxes started arriving.  When we visited the Browns in February, we were quite taken with the furniture in their new Maison Preble-Brown house. We have all heard the saying,  "Imitation is a form of flattery" so copies of some of those pieces are now ours.  What exactly Esther is going to do with them has still not been explained.






The first box contained the most wonderful table and chairs.  We could hardly believe they were just our size.

Hitty Colleen, as always, was so excited about them she insisted on climbing into the box to retrieve the last of the four chairs.
























After they were unpacked, we set them up on the workbench and admired them.  The top of the table is made of cherry and the seats of the chairs are woven.  There was even a Shaker basket filled with red and green apples. 

























A short time later, Hitty Colleen saw another box and we could hardly wait to get it open.  We had no idea what it contained.



























As soon as Esther lifted it out of the box, we took off the wrappings and behold,  there was a handsome baker's cabinet to match the table and chairs!  We carefully unwrapped the little packages of accessories that accompanied it.

























Not all the pieces were familiar to us.   One was a pie crust crimper that pleased Becassine very much.   I am sure she is looking forward to putting it to good use.
























We spent the next hour or so looking for things to go in the cabinet and when lunchtime arrived, we decided the new table and chairs would be the perfect setting!



















What the plans are for these new things, I really don't know but I am sure Esther will come up with something!







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