Chapter One Hundred Forty Three



The time finally arrived for us to see what Esther has been building!  Oh what a wonderful project.   We are thrilled!  I hardly have words for it!









She told us to cover our eyes and not open them until she gave the OK.  We were taken to the backyard and  when we opened our eyes, there was a magnificent playhouse! Michael was the first to reach it but the rest of us were not far behind.

























In just a matter of minutes, Michael was up the ladder and climbed onto the  chair on the porch.  HittyBelle and Hitty Carol were right there with him.




























After a quick look around HittyBelle came down and encouraged the others to go up.  Becassine supervised little HittyPat who insisted on climbing the steps.  It took her awhile but she made it with a push here and there. 

























The only item inside was a small metal safe and Michael immediately set about trying to open it.  I suppose we will keep little treasures in it.   Esther explained that she would look for doll size furniture for us so we could play with our dolls and have tea parties.  Michael,  I am sure has other ideas as to how to make use of it!


















We spent most of the day climbing up and down and planning all the things we wanted for it.  To decorate or not to decorate was one of the questions.   Esther told us that outdoor playhouses should be kept quite simple.  She pointed out that there was no glass in the windows, therefore, whatever we put in it could be subject to a bit of weather. 











We finally went back in the house except Michael.   Becassine coaxed and coaxed but he was simply reluctant to leave.  I think he wanted to sleep there, even if would have been on the floor!

























I can just imagine all the fun we will have playing in it this summer.   Oh, what wonderful times are ahead!




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