Chapter One Hundred Fifty One






On a drive through the country the other day, we passed a farm with sheep close enough to the road to offer a good look.  Our newest pet is a little English sheep dog and we thought she would like to see real sheep.  Hitty Colleen held her tightly as she and HittyBelle walked  slowly toward the lambs.   They were so cute!



















As we put our doggie down so she could see better, the mama sheep insisted her lambs return to safer ground.   We also realized that stuffed doggies are just not the same as real live ones!

















When we got back home and told the others of our adventure,  Becassine thought this might be a good time to tell us the story of wool.   She explained that wool starts with those cute little lambs.  They get sheared and the fleece is combed, cleaned, dyed, then spun into yarn and finally to wearable items of clothing. 











When Becassine finished her lesson about wool, I brought some of our sweaters to the craft room to point out the difference in yarns etc.   None of us  really had ever thought about how one comes by such lovely items that keep us warm.   Wool is one of the most versatile and pliable yarns.  I know seamstresses call wool fabric the most forgivable when they make an adjustment in sewing.  








We are finally nearing the end of July and I must say, no one in this household will be sorry to see it end.  I know other parts of the country have had much hotter weather but day after day with 90+ degrees and high humidity is not the normal here in Western Pennsylvania.  Even when we have lower temperatures, the humidity is stifling.   Esther and I both can hardly wait for fall and a need for wool sweaters!    







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