Chapter One Hundred Fifty Four








One of our visitors this week is an artist that makes miniature birdcages with tiny birds. We had her unpack some of them for us to see.  They are made of tiny brass wires soldered together.  The cages have little doors that open, rings on the top so they can be hung on stands and bottoms that come off for cleaning.
























They were all so beautiful that when Esther said we could have one,  it was hard to choose.   We looked very carefully at all of them before making our decision.






























Hitty Carol fell in love with one in particular so that was our choice.

































We moved it onto the table and all excitedly gathered around.   All the commotion  scared the bird!  Becassine kept telling us to be quiet and more  gentle to make the bird will feel at home.































Becassine sent most of us out of the room, but Hitty Catherine stood with her hands behind her back while Becassine hung the cage on its stand and talked gently to the bird.  She very carefully opened the door and put food in for the dear little creature.

















I am sure we will get used to having a bird and it will get used to us!  I wonder, should we name it?





The birdcages in this chapter were made by IGMA artist Ursula Dyrbye-Skovsted from Denmark.





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