Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven





These are the last days of calm before the holidays and we are enjoying just being home without a schedule.   Our weather has been unseasonably warm for November and we are hoping the cold and snow hold off until after we return from our Thanksgiving holiday.   There hasn't been much happening around the house,  and it has been rather pleasant to have it that way.





























I took Michael with me to run the errands and he found another pet.  At one of the stores we saw a tank of gold fish for sale and he insisted he needed one!  




































He was delighted to show off his latest pet to his sisters.   I don't know if they were as impressed as he.   I assured Becassine that this pet would not create any more work for her.































He found the perfect place to keep him.   He, of course, assumed the little fish was male and spent most of the day deciding on a name.   I believe the final choice was Hector.






























After all the excitement of the new addition calmed down, I thought it time to make a shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner.   We Hittys will have a simple dinner over the week-end prior to the holiday and then many of us will join Esther and Russell for a trip to Maryland to spend the holiday with  family.  I believe we are also going to spend a few days in Williamsburg too.  I hope so.
















The Robertson Hittys and the Robertson family wish all our readers a safe and happy holiday.








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