Chapter One Hundred Ninety








When Esther came downstairs the other day, she was shocked to find Hitty Colleen among the boxes of paint!   She is obsessed with Ima's red shoes and pleaded to have her shoes painted red but Esther told her absolutely not!   She explained for the umpteenth time to Hitty Colleen that she is a Hitty and Hittys have black shoes and that is the end of it!




























Hitty Colleen had been in such a pout that I felt sorry for her.   I remembered that we did have two pairs of red boots.   I brought them to show her with the hope that she would be happy to at least have something red on her feet.   She had already made the statement that from now on she was wearing only red dresses but Esther had put squelched  that idea!






























I suppose I should have known that what I had in mind was not the same as what Hitty Colleen had in mind.   She immediately put on the cowboy boots and tried to trade with Ima.   Ima was not about to be persuaded.
































She then tried to enlist the help of Becassine and HittyBelle and pleaded her case with many 'pleases' but Ima held her ground - no exchange! 






























To bring an end to all the fuss, Becassine called us to lunch.   Hitty Colleen remained more interested in the shoes than lunch but I am sure she will adjust -- at least I hope so.


















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