Chapter One Hundred Ninety Two










Hitty Dallas must have read my Journal because shortly after I wrote about Ima noticing that she did not have corals like we Hittys, a package addressed to her arrived.  She was so excited as she opened it!   Sure enough,  inside were enough coral beads to make a necklace for her.





























Off she went to the backyard to show her prize.   Hitty Colleen was not impressed.   At that point, Ima said she would go inside and plead her case to Esther.


































Such a charming pleading little one saying, "Pretty please can you put these on me?" won Esther over.  





































Esther carefully put the corals around her neck as she explained why they are special to a Hitty.   Ima remembered from the book how the original Hitty had gotten hers.  She said she really didn't want to upset the Hittys by wearing them but she wanted so much to be as much like them as possible.   Being part of this doll family is very important to her.































When the corals were secured Ima went back to the yard to show them off.  She explained that just like wearing a pinny made her feel a part of the family, the corals did the same thing.   I think even Hitty Colleen will get used to seeing them on her because actually she really likes Ima.   She still sighs of course as she covets those red shoes and I doubt that will ever change.
















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