Chapter One Hundred Ninety Three







The past several weeks have been very busy and exciting --   relatives returning from three years out of the country, the 4th of July holiday and a very big surprise!   We looked out the window and there on the street was a antique car and just for us! We couldn't believe it!





























After it was moved into the driveway, my sisters took over.  None of us knows how to drive but I am sure we will learn.  Becassine says we must stay in the driveway and be supervised.






























Michael was absolutely fascinated!   It is one of those really old fashioned cars that has to be cranked and he tried his best to move the crank but to no avail.  Thank goodness! 































Hitty Colleen was the first to try driving.   It certainly is not like today's automatics.
































Ima was next and didn't fare any better then Hitty Colleen!



































By the end of the day, we had all tried but the car had only moved a couple of feet. 






















Esther has promised us that she will take us to the next 'Car Meet' that comes to Zelienople.    Whether our car gets to go or not will have to be determined at that time.   In the meantime, it will provide us with many hours of fun!









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