Chapter One Hundred Ninety Five








My last chapter left us wondering what had happened to Becassine!   There had been no word from her for hours and darkening skies had made it even more worrisome.  Was she having car trouble or perhaps lost?





























It seems it was a bit of both.  As she tells it, the car simply stopped in the middle of nowhere.   She tried cranking it again and again but to no avail.































As the skies continued to darken, she became utterly frustrated.  Just then another vehicle approached and the occupant offered assistance.   The problem - she was out of gas! Fortunately that could be handled, but as to where she was and how she could get home were the big problems.  




























Eventually with a description of where she lived, she was given directions home.   As evening approached, a tired and exhausted Becassine drove down the street and was greeted by a group of very anxious Hittys!




























It really brought home to us just how problematic traveling in an antique car can be!   We knew there was no navigation system built in like today's cars but there are products on the market that certainly can help.   Without hesitation, I went to the computer and ordered the most current GPS that I could find.   That won't help with the running out of gas  problem but it will let one know just where one is and the route home.  Hmmm now I wonder, is our antique car really reliable?

















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