Chapter One Hundred Ninety Nine



We are back home and have had a wonderful time!  The PA Retreat was a success!  This Gathering was held at the Quaker Retreat Center in Wallingford, PA.   It was great to see our friends again and meet new ones.  Esther has corresponded via email with many of the Hitty Moms over the years and was delighted to actually meet them in person.  I will try to relate the highlights the best I can.






At the end of the last chapter, Hitty Colleen had taken off on her own.  We weren't sure just what kind of a trip she would have but she did arrive safely.  She didn't tell us many details but was just anxious to join in the fun.  Perhaps someday she will be forthcoming about her adventure.























We read the sign at the entrance and located where we were to register.  We were off to find Brinton House where we had been assigned.  
































There were so many activities I could hardly keep track.  Many people had signed up for the biggest class which was to make a sewing doll and that kept them quite busy.  I stopped by to watch for a bit.  Other workshops included making a bench, a Penny Rug bench pad , a souvenir book of Pendle Hill, a scrapbook, clothes rack, and a Quaker bonnet. 





























There were photo set-ups and Esther did take advantage of them.   We Hittys could be 'in the scene' and feel a part of history.   I chose to be in the one about Betsy Ross making the first American flag.






































Hitty Colleen's choice was the Liberty Bell.   Notice she is wearing the little whale necklace that was in the Goodie Bag.







































In this third scene Ima thought it fun to salute the soldier.

























There was time to sit and visit, keep one's hands busy with needlework or take a walk on the beautiful grounds.   An important part of any Hitty gathering is of course, the sales tables and the Hitty Helper tables.  Both were brimming with a tempting array of items. 

















A highlight was the souvenir Hitty.   Since this event was held at a Quaker Retreat, the Hitty presented was dressed in a Quaker outfit like our ancestor Hitty wore when she lived with the Pryce family in Philadelphia those many years ago.   The Hitty was carved by Gustav Trullet from Argentina, painted by Happy and dressed by Marilyn.  The Hitty pictured belongs to a Hitty Mom named Barb.




















The last day kept us busy.   In the afternoon the attendees had a round table discussion with tips on carving, sewing, and photographing.   The evening program was a slide presentation by Judy Brown about how Pennsylvania welcomes Hittys.  Esther and Judy then told how they had put the program together.   Last but not least was the drawing for the Hitty Helpers and Esther was delighted with all the fabric she won and I know that means new dresses for us!

















Once we got home we unpacked and Esther piled all the goodies on the workbench to take a picture.   It was an unbelievable amount of loot!































When all had settled down, some of us gathered around the bench we had made and relived the entire event.



I think it is safe to say, a good time was had by all and we send a big Thank You to Happy and Marilyn for all their work!











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