Chapter Two Hundred Two                              



The end of October has come and gone.   It was a time of falling leaves, Hitty Club and Halloween.  This week was busy to begin with before adding that terrible hurricane Sandy.   The daily lives of people here in Western Pennsylvania were barely affected and each time they started to complain about rain, day in and day out, they thought of all those less fortunate and were thankful for their blessings.





Before the rains started Hitty Colleen attempted to rake the leaves in the front yard.  Tasha tried to help and Becassine kept checking the progress.































Ever since the PA Retreat Esther has been spending a great deal of time making penny rug bench pads.   She is having  so much fun that she is making them for various holidays.    She introduced them to the Hitty Club ladies at the meeting and they too enjoyed making them.   She can't decide which of these is her favorite!




























Hitty Club ladies and their Hittys come from Ohio, New York and locally.   Coming from New York was not a good idea this week but two of the Hittys from Ohio joined Ima in the  'Trick or Treat' event.






























Upon their return they shared their goodies with the others.   I suspect there might be some uncomfortable Hittys  with all those treats.   We do love a party with goodies!




























No Halloween is complete without little boys making themselves as scary as possible.   Michael is no exception!  He lined up some finger puppets meant for people size folks and did his best to scare his little sisters. The puppets don't have holes for eyes and he couldn't see where he was going but that did not deter a little boy!




















As I close this chapter, I hope you all have had a safe and happy Halloween.   We are thankful for coming through the hurricane safely and our thoughts are with those far less fortunate.










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