Chapter Two Hundred Three



It has been a few weeks since I have written a chapter but not a few weeks without a whirlwind of activity.   We have had quests, traveled to Maryland for the Thanksgiving holiday and Esther has built us a new room.  I think I heard her mentioning being very tired.




The idea of a new room had been in the back of Esther's mind for some time since her workbench was getting a bit crowded with our things but the real impetus came when our visitors from the Boston area were here.  Hitty Jean asked why the little German antique kitchen was not in a place where it could be seen.   We told her that we also had a little carpenter shop in the same scale but neither had a good home.
















After our guests left for home, Esther took their comments to heart and got serious about making a suitable space for items that had been collecting and taking up much needed workbench space.   She drew plans for a room with a large bookcase on one wall.   Books had been one of the items accumulating with no proper home and we all knew who was responsible!  An order for cherry for the floors was placed and she and Russell made a trip to the lumberyard for the other supplies.   All this while getting ready for a trip to Maryland for the Thanksgiving holiday.  You might say she cut and glued until time to put clothes in a suitcase!   Now you know why she did not have time to help me write a chapter.





We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends.   One neighbor even brought her dog so Carol's dog Suzie had a guest too.   There was all the usual festive food, visiting and even time to take in a movie.   After several days we headed for home amidst blowing snow but at least the roads stayed dry.  











Upon our return, the days were spent finishing the new room.  As soon as all the walls were put together, we started to move in.   It didn't take long to realize that there would have to be  some planning as to where things were to be placed.































We all were pleased to have more space and getting my sisters to help was not a problem.






























Hitty Carol brought the latest penny rug bench pad for the bench.  It was just one of  several Martha and Esther had worked on.  I must say that 'new' found skill has given the Hitty moms a lot of fun.   They keep coming up with ideas for yet another!





























Ima keep rearranging items on the shelves - trying to find a  suitable place for everything.   Hitty Paige reminded her there were still  another box to be carried into the room and she should leave room for its contents.





























At the end of the afternoon, it was time to call it quits.   Over the next several days we will finish arranging everything  and as usual will change them from time to time.   Esther told us the people house has run out of space so we better be happy with what we have.   Of course I have heard that before!















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