Chapter Two Hundred Five


The holidays have come and gone and it is time for life to get back to normal.   I am not sure exactly what that is for Hittys but I keep hearing Esther say those words.  The family had a lovely Christmas with all three of the Robertson children visiting at one time or another.   There was even a surprise, a new great granddaughter who arrived in this world  eleven weeks early!   She garnered quite a bit of attention and is doing well. 








We received several delightful gifts, one of which Michael thought was the very best.  It was a real homemade gingerbread house with real gumdrops!  Oh how he tried and tried to pry one loose!
































Another of our gifts was a pair of brass candlesticks made by the Robertsons's son Bill.   They are a copy of an English candlestick circa 1770 that is part of his collection.   He made these special for us in our scale!



























We have spent most of the day putting away holiday trimmings and finding a place for new things.   Ima really liked the Grandma Moses print and was happy there was a place to hang it in our new room.































Esther has been waiting for her great grandson Baylor to visit as she needed help in assembling  the Nanoblock piano she purchased in the Catskills. Such tiny pieces are hard for her to manage but she knew it would be a simple job for Baylor.  It  sure was!   I think Michael was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to do this project but after looking at it, he too was glad it was complete.
















We will now settle in for the next few weeks.   The weather is extremely cold and about 10 inches of snow on the ground so not very pleasant to be going anywhere.   This is a good time to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a hot cup of chocolate.











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