Chapter Two Hundred Eight








There is excitement in the air.   The mailman brought the most interesting news.  Ima received a letter from her Grandmother in Scotland that made her heart jump for joy! 
































She rushed to tell us she had news and would read us the letter as soon as we could all get together.   She was practically bursting with excitement.  "Please,  everyone, please hurry, I have such great news!"




























We gathered  around quickly  and Ima read her Grandmother's letter to us.



















"My dear granddaughter,


Hope this letter finds you enjoying life as I am sure it will.   Your last letter certainly sounded like you were having a marvelous time.   As for me, I have made a big decision and hope you will be pleased.   Ima dear, your old grandma would like to come home and live with you.   I have had a wonderful and interesting life here in Scotland even after long-past losing your grandfather but I long for my native USA and to see you.   I have received such gracious correspondence over the past months from both Hitty Robertson and Becassine that I feel  I already know them.  If all is agreeable, I would like to stop in Virginia to visit the land of our beginning and refresh memories before proceeding to Zelienople.   I have a few loose ends to take care of here but hopefully I should be able to leave sometime within the next month or so.


I know this is a surprise and I do hope it is a pleasant one.


Until then my dearest, your loving grandmother,

Grandma Alice


PS:  Please give my regards to Hitty Robertson, Becassine and all the Hittys."
















Ima and I both sent letters back immediately assuring her that doll families can do a considerable amount of growing and adding her to the Robertson family will be well received.  We wanted her to know how welcome she will be.   I also suggested that sending her steamer trunk ahead would be a good idea.  Ima is particularly anxious because her only association has been through letters as she has never actually met her grandmother.   The time ahead will pass slowly for her I am sure.






















It has been awhile since I have had praise for any delivery service being offered these days but there is always something to change one's mind.   Grandma Alice's trunk has arrived!  We received word that it was on its way shortly after she received our letters of welcome.  Now we wait for word of her arrival. Hopefully she will have a smooth journey and enjoy her visit in Virginia.















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