Chapter Two Hundred Nine








Time often moves slowly when one is waiting for someone to arrive.  Poor Ima got to the point she just couldn't sleep.  I tried to explain that travel quite often takes a considerable amount of time, plus her Grandma did say she had a few odds and ends to take care of before leaving Scotland and there was her visit in Virginia.



























The rest of us just have kept busy with usual winter fun and games played indoors.  There was excitement from time to time when the mail arrived and the package from Denmark was no exception.   I was so surprised and delighted to receive the honor of being voted this year's recipient of The Yellow Hat Society annual award!  Hitty Colleen insisted that she should get to wear the pretty yellow hat and be the first to read the book.   Both gifts were made by a Hitty person in Denmark who is the founder of The Yellow Hat Society. 



























Another of the items in the package was a wonderful rug kit called the English Garden to be made with French knots.  Esther immediately latched onto it and has worked hours each day to complete it.   Becassine and I keep track of her work and we too are anxious for it to be finished.  I think Esther is planning to place it in our library room. 


























The next events on our calendar are St. Patrick's Day and the Hitty Club meeting on Monday.   Hitty Helen put on a new dress and told the others it was time to change to the 'wearing of the green'.  My main reason for liking this particular holiday is that spring is not far behind.
































Just as I was telling my sisters it was time to change into something green,  I heard a commotion at the front

door.  Oh my yes indeed, someone had just arrived!   Need I say more?

















Postscript:   Grandma has been created by Judy Brown!











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