Chapter Two Hundred Twelve







We have been busy. Carol visited over the Easter holiday and she and Esther spent a day shopping.   Oh what goodies they found at the Miniature Shop in Volant - a new tea kettle, a picnic basket and best of all, pots for Grandma to use for growing herbs. 




























They also visited another shop where Carol bought a knick-knack for her kitchen back home in Maryland.   It was a bit shocking for Hitty Colleen.   I reminded her that we had seen full size  cows decorated in various ways  when we visited Kansas City some years ago.  Come to think of it, that was before Hitty Colleen became a part of our family.   No wonder she was shocked and HittyBelle just took it in stride

























Grandma Alice was very pleased with the little pots and wanted to get started  planting herbs.   I brought up the pages about herbs on the computer to show her various kinds and what to expect about growing herbs in our climate.   She made a list of the herbs she wanted and sent us off to buy the seeds.

























Hitty Colleen and I went shopping.  We wandered through the nursery, looking at the various plants, all of course, were in the very beginning stages of growing.   We checked the list and bought the seed packets Grandma had requested.




























The packets were exactly what she wanted!  She said these were just like the ones she had used in Scotland.   The only problem now is waiting for the weather to cooperate.  We still are not experiencing much sunshine or warm temperatures.  A friend suggested that night- time temperatures need to be at least 55 degrees  before planting the little seeds.   Grandma thought she might like to go ahead and fill the pots and set them indoors on the kitchen window sill.  She will give it further thought.















We Hittys are enjoying having Grandma Alice with us and are looking forward to the new experiences she will bring to our family





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