Chapter Two Hundred Sixteen



This has been a strange week.  I mean strange that Esther has made a quilt - one that gets sewed instead of painted.   Quilts are usually not her thing!  She had just finished making some pinnys and was putting away the fabric when she came across two patriotic prints and thought they looked very nice together.   As she stood there pondering what to make, the idea of combining them in a quilt came to her.  











First she had to ask her friend if she still had the directions to a Hittygirls' quilt from several years ago.  Her friend  emailed them to her and she was off to a good start.   Grandma Alice really was a big help as she had made many  quilts in the past. 

































Actually it went together quite easily.   The instructions were clear and easy to follow.   Esther put the patches together by machine and then quilted by hand.   As she quilted she kept remembering her mother and grandmother and she just knew they would think her stitches not fine enough.




























Hitty quilts are not very big so the whole project actually only took several days.   We Hittys are pleased with its outcome and I know that Esther is happy to get back to making dresses etc.   It really is good for a person to try something different once in awhile.




























This is the season for strawberries in our part of the country and we were pleased to have fresh ones just like the Robertson family.   Grandma Alice made the shortcake following the same recipe that Esther was using upstairs for the family, while Becassine cleaned the berries.  The recipe was the same simple one passed down through generations in Esther's family.

























After the kitchen was tidied and before before joining the others, Grandma Alice did one last check to see how her herbs were growing and was pleased to see green sprouting in each little pot.  Grandmas really do know how to do so many things and we Hittys are fortunate to have one living with us.



















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