Chapter Two Hundred Seventeen






As usual this has been a busy week at the Robertson home.  The family celebrated Father's Day, their son's birthday and had a visit from their daughter in Maryland.  We Hittys played with our new paper dolls.  It was while doing so that Michael, not interested in the dolls, took a good look at the pinny Hitty Carol was wearing.   It was gift from our California visitor but Michael hadn't paid attention until now.  He was fascinated by the rabbits in the design.  























He asked question after question about why the rabbits were dressed etc.  Hitty Carol explained that they were dressed like the rabbits in a story and they lived in a rabbit hole.   He got so excited and thought maybe his rabbits were doing the same thing.   He and Hitty Paige hurried to the backyard to check and make sure all was in order.































Grandma Alice heard all the commotion and thought now was time to take the book "Alice in Wonderland" off the shelf and read it to us.   This would give all of us a better understanding of the little rabbits, cards, tea pots and chess pieces featured  on Hitty Carol's pinny.

























We gathered around and listened as she read the story and told us how it came to be written.   It all started on a July day in 1862 when two Reverends took the three young daughters of the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University in England  for a boat ride.  To entertain the girls, they made up a story of an adventuress little girl named Alice and how she had met up with a fully clothed white  rabbit and followed it down a rabbit hole.  The girls were fascinated with the story and eager for more.  The story grew and three years later in 1865, Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson had the book published using the pseudonym name, Lewis Carroll. It has remained a classic in children's literature ever since.



















In the meantime Esther had been on the computer and found another piece of fabric with the design depicting the same story.   She was quite  taken with the fabric and when it arrived she could hardly wait to make us another pinny to add to our enjoyment of the story.  I must say, Hitty Colleen appeared as excited as Alice in the story but there will certainly not be such adventures!















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