Chapter Two Hundred Eighteen



I thought I knew all about busy times but I must tell you,  I didn't really have a clue according to Esther!  For the past week or so, one of  theRobertson's granddaughters and her three children (2-6-9) have been visiting.  They are staying a mile away at their grandfather's but we are the ones with the yard.   When the car pulls up and the two older children emerge, they are like magnets - the neighborhood becomes full of children!  Add the 4th of July holiday on top of all this and I am sure even Hittys can get the picture!







We celebrated the 4th by some of the family going to the parade in the morning and then they all attended a big neighborhood picnic in the afternoon.  Grandma Alice helped put everything back in its place that evening.































Becassine asked Michael to please take the confetti to the storage shelves but he decided to take a closer look and, as often happens with little boys, the bag didn't remain closed!

































Adding to this busy week, there has been the arrival of some packages.   Did you know that clothespins sometimes can become wooden dolls?   One such doll arrived here!   Her name is Peg and my what an adventurous start in life she has had.   She carried with her a written account of her beginning and I must say we were all intrigued. 






























A day or so later, another box arrived.  In Kansas City, MO a recovered supply ship named Arabia  that sank in 1856 was brought to the surface in 1988 with its cargo  surprisingly intact.  One of the archeologists discovered something hard in the toe of a sock, pulled it out and there was a 'Frozen Charlotte' doll!  Esther and Russell had visited the museum housing the Arabia about the time of its opening but this souvenir was not available yet.   Thanks to a friend, we now have one and she is a copy of the 'doll in the sock'.

























Our home reflects many of the characteristics of the home where Esther grew up.   One of her memories and that of her children was her mother's button drawer.  Oh the hours one can spend playing with buttons - all shapes and sizes.   In our Hitty world, HittyPat is the one that spends the most time and she loves to string them using the same buttons over and over again.

























These July days continue to be full of activity.   The great grandchildren will be staying awhile longer, Esther is on a sewing spree and we are all looking forward to our Boston Hitty friends visit at the end of the month.  I do so love being a Hitty and being a part of it all!








Postscript:  Peg was created by doll artist TC Vollum.  Peg's story can be read





 The Frozen Charlotte doll is available in the gift shop of the Treasure of the Steamboat Arabia museum in Kansas City, Mo.







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