Chapter Seventy Four



It has been such a busy time!   I think of fall as the time to take walks and drives in the country to enjoy the beautiful leaves but this year we have been busy with other activities.  The whole family, wooden and human, enjoy life with a bit of hustle and bustle! 










We Hittys, with Esther's  help, have been working in my book store.   My job as proprietor is the paper work and various ones of my  sisters help with the packaging.  Most of them enjoy helping but Hitty Beth always decides she must re-read  one of the books.  I do believe she would sleep with a book in her hand if she could! 

















Not all my sisters were available to help me.  HittyBelle, Hitty Emily and Hitty Marie were  practicing how they were going to greet the children on Trick or Treat night.  They had  put on their witches costumes and  set up their witches' house on the sideboard where the children will be able to see it as they come to the front door. They had Russell  put a  tiny blue light inside the house and it really does make it spooky!















This week started with the Hitty Club meeting on Monday and all the ladies worked on making bonnets for their Hittys.  Since this is the month of Halloween all the food and decorations followed that theme. Then on Tuesday, Dallas Brown, one of her sisters and Judy and Jim arrived.  We Hittys had a lovely visit, the adults also, and Esther thoroughly enjoyed having someone to talk about her favorite subject.  Of course, we all know that subject is Hitty!













While the adults were working on a computer project, I took Dallas and her sister to see my book store.  She loves to read also and so does her sister.  She noticed that the building was typical of the architecture of most of the buildings in Zelienople.  I told them that the building had once really been used for a book store and we both thought that fact quite appropriate.











Next week is the Philadelphia Miniature Show that Esther always attends.  I am not sure just how many of we Hittys will go along but I keep reminding her that I can't  write about what  I don't  see or hear so I am sure if any of us attends, it will be me.




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