Chapter Seventy Six    



The holidays are finally over!  We have had such a wonderful time but it is so comfortable to be back home and a normal routine.  




We went to Maryland as customary for the Thanksgiving holiday and the family celebrated with the usual turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  The next day was quite different though, Carol thought her parents would like a trip to the Chesapeake Bay and so that is where we went.  Our luncheon stop was quite interesting.  We stopped for lunch at a Crab House and we Hittys got to look out across the water.














We were only home a short time when we flew to North Carolina for the Christmas holiday and to see the  new baby in the family.  Her name is Erin Elizabeth  and she is the first great granddaughter.  Esther carved a Hitty for her and made the clothes.   The Hitty will be put in a display case along with a copy of the book until she is old enough to appreciate it.  Before we left, we wanted to have our picture taken with Hitty Erin. She is the one in the pink dress.  We are all hoping little Erin grows up to love her Hitty.















When we got home we had packages to open and of course, we all oohed and aahed over the contents of every box.  One of the boxes had a set of painted furniture just our size!





















After our first week home, it was time for Hitty Club and we Hittys had a lot to do to get ready.   Since Hitty Club didn't  meet in December, the January meeting is a combined Christmas and birthday celebration.   We helped Esther wrap the packages.


















Most of the time there is a project and the ladies thought maybe this meeting would be a good time to continue making their rugs.  It is kind of a standing joke among them since the rugs were started two years ago at their very first meeting and haven't   been worked on since!    Esther got out the basket of yarn with the partially done rugs etc in it and some of my sisters insisted on piling the gift boxes up so they could climb up and see what was in the basket.















When the day of club arrived everyone was so happy to see each other again.  They opened their Christmas presents first and then there was a big pile of birthday gifts to open.  Hitty Esther, one of Betty's  Hittys had received a laptop computer for Christmas so she recorded all the happenings at the meeting.

















The ladies worked on the program for the coming year and after the gifts were opened, lunch was served.   The program for the meeting was the reading of chapter seven of the book and each lady received a little souvenir monkey to represent the part of the story when Hitty was an idol and got acquainted with monkeys.  They decided that each month a different chapter would be read and there would be a souvenir representing that chapter. 


















By mid afternoon it was time for birthday cake.   I must say that after all the activities, no one seemed inclined to work on their rugs!  A couple of them got them out, looked them over and decided since they had waited this long to be finished, they could wait a bit longer.  The rest of the day was spent just visiting.  All agreed it had been a fine birthday party!






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