Chapter Eighty One




Oh what a glorious time we have just had!  The members of the Hitty Club and a couple of their husbands journeyed across the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the little town of Bedford in the middle of the state for their May meeting.   They were joined by friends from near Philadelphia, Connecticut and Virginia and spent two days of Hitty fun at a Bed & Breakfast.  The group took over the whole establishment!   It was Hitty fun day and night!




The very first afternoon there was a wine and cheese party and the adults decided we Hittys were too young to join them but we soon were all brought out and admired.  Then a shopping frenzy occurred with choices of Judy Brown Hittys and Eileen Stewart dresses!    I don't think there was anything left!




After dinner was craft time and the group made little purses for their Hittys and the evening finished as  Bill Fifer showed  slides of his recent week in Arkansas at the Janet Cordell class








The county that surrounds the little town of Bedford boasts 14 covered bridges and the next morning we set out to see some of them. Each family chose one Hitty to accompany them on the tour.  Hitty Rachel represented the Robertson family this time and so this account of the happenings that morning will be as she related them to me. 
























I am sure the people who live near these bridges are used to having tourists invade their quiet surroundings.   The group was a caravan of three cars and only once did a familyy's dog treat them as intruders!


























This part of Pennsylvania is quite rural and at one of the bridges Hitty Beatrice insisted on having her picture taken with a horse. Unlike the dog, it didn't  really pay attention to the visitors.




















All had been looking forward to one of the highlights of the trip.  We had heard and even seen billboards advertising a section of road called "Gravity Hill."  Of course, all were curious as to what was meant by this.  For some strange reason, not fully explained, a vehicle can be headed  'down' this road but actually go backwards 'up'the hill. It was truly so!  The Hittys each brought a vehicle to try it!














Hitty Dallas certainly worked very hard at riding her tractor but alas, none of Hitty vehicles seemed to weigh enough to be drawn uphill.  All the people cars certainly did and all watched with amazement as the trees went by as they  went backwards uphill! 













On the way back to the B&B the group stopped at an amazing house for a short visit.  The house had been a church at one time but now was a fascinating home decorated with many antiques  and had a shop of antique fabric in the basement.   I just know I will be the one to get the dress made out of the piece Esther bought!





Then there was free time to eat lunch, walk around the town or just take a nap. At 3:00 we all gathered on the long porch to do another craft which was an easel and picture from the book.  That evening after dinner, Judy Brown presented the slide program about Hitty that she had given last fall at the Dollology group in DC.  











The last event for the Hittys was a pajama party!   We all changed into nightgowns and some of us cuddled up in sleeping bags.  The adults played trivia games to test their knowledge of  facts in the Hitty book.  It was very interesting listening to just exactly how much they remembered! 













I will close this chapter by saying that Hitty friends are the best!   The fourteen people that attended this gathering wore smiles the entire time!   This is the third year in a row the group has gotten together in May and I am already wondering where we will meet next year!




Postscript:   I would like to thank all who have ordered the books and bookcases from the book store.  The response to the bookcase was overwhelming and they sold out in less than an hour!    I had to quickly make up another group to fill all the requests.  The Spring Promotion of a FREE  "Flowers in Hitty's World" book with any order is still available until June 15, 2007.    Esther





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