Chapter Eighty Two



At long last one of our dreams has come true!  We have a companion!   Esther's original idea was to have an au pair from France to help with our  growing family of Hittys.  Someone to look after us and help with our home schooling,  but alas the rules for au pairs didn't quite fit what we actually wanted.  Do you know that au pairs can never become permanent members of the host family!  We wanted someone to live with us and never have to leave!





After much thought and deliberation, we found the perfect solution. We heard of the descendent of one the famous dolls of France, Becassine. and now she has  come to make her permanent home with us! The new member of our family has had to go through quite a lot of negotiations and  government red tape etc but now all has been arranged and she is here!  We learned so much in the process, such things as when are visas required, what is a green card, etc.  








 Becassine arrived and we Hittys wanted to make her welcome! In order to do so, Esther told us it would be a nice gesture to  greet her by saying, "Bonjour." She was pleased and returned the same greeting.  We were curious that she arrived with only one large bag.  She explained that unlike Hittys who love to wear different outfits, she would remain in her native costume at all times, hence she didn't have a large wardrobe.  She is proud of her Brittany heritage but she expects to  adopt to our American customs but not the mode of dress. She told us she is  quite proficient in English and she has many stories to tell us











She was a bit tired from her trip so sat down to tell us just how she got here. Her experience in  shipping caused her some concern. It seems there was a problem at the post office when she arrived in Zelienople.  The postman that was to bring the box to our house had just been bitten by a dog and they weren't sure just how long it would be before another person could be found to actually deliver the box!  She knew we were anxiously waiting.   She heard them telephone to the house and was relieved when Russell came immediately to get her.











Becassine explained that she comes from a long line of companions  with traits of  good intentions and energy!  She told us that the very first Becassine was actually a cartoon character in 1905  and that she herself was carved in Virginia by Judy Brown. She also liked the idea that we too, have a historic background.   I did remind her, however, that Hittys' ancestor goes back at least 70 or so years earlier than hers. 












We were so excited and wanted to hear everything about her ancestors but she reminded us that we had a lifetime to be together and there would be plenty of time for oh, so many tales, however, we did get to see some of the documents that she needed.  I think we were most interested in her green card. 





















It wasn't long until the other Hittys could hear that there was excitement in the parlor and they all came trooping in.  She gave each a hug and repeated their name.  I wonder how long it will be until she knows all our names.





















After my sisters visited with her and then went about their activities, she and I sat down to talk a little bit of what we are hoping her role in our household will be.  HittyPat just wouldn't leave her side and I could see, she loved little children, even as tired as she was, she put HittyPat on her lap.  She told us she had heard that with such a growing family of Hittys, we needed help.  She explained that the role in life for those with her name was to care for others and be the best helpmate that a family could have.  I know we are going to love having her live with us  and I look forward to showing her our surroundings and listening to any stories of her experiences that she wishes to share.





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